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Sharp execution, setting asset integrity standards.

Established, managed, and regulated within the UAE, the Further Ventures studio created Tungsten aligning with Abu Dhabi's 2030 strategic vision's digital asset ambitions. Tungsten furnishes institutions with a premier platform for the safeguarded and regulatory-compliant safeguarding of their virtual assets, supported by a cadre of seasoned professionals dedicated to pioneering advancements in virtual asset oversight.

Beyond merely offering secure storage solutions, Tungsten is a reliable conduit for institutional transactions, ensuring the meticulous execution of each operation. The company prides itself on its capacity to mitigate a broad spectrum of risks – spanning security, regulatory compliance, to geopolitical dynamics – through its vigilant execution of transfers, thereby embodying a benchmark in virtual asset management and transactional integrity.

Chris Desjardins Senior Executive Officer
José Aguinaga Chief Technology Officer

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Tungsten provides no legal, tax, investment, or other advice. Please consult your legal/tax/investment professional for questions about your specific circumstances. Virtual asset holdings involve a high degree of risk and can fluctuate greatly on any given day. Accordingly, your virtual asset holdings may be subject to large swings in value and may even become worthless.

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