Regulated Protection

Secure your digital assets with insured, regulated custody. Keys stored offline in cold storage ensure utmost security.

How it Works

With custody wallets, Tungsten holds the keys and keeps them in cold storage, isolated from the internet. To move funds, you must initiate a transaction with the Tungsten team and pass security checks.



Bank-Grade Secure Storage

Our cold storage solutions are fortified across multiple locations, ensuring unparalleled protection for your assets.

Round-the-Clock Withdrawals

You can access your funds anytime with the assurance of a 24-hour customer portal for client requests

Rigorous Identity Verification

Benefit from our comprehensive identity verification process, designed to maintain the highest levels of safety through detailed procedures and controls.

Address Whitelisting

Enhance security by pre-approving specific addresses for the sending and receiving of assets, ensuring transactions are always authorised.

Velocity Controls

Implement caps on asset movement within specific timeframes to prevent unauthorised large-scale transfers.

Customisable User Policies

Tailor roles and permissions at an individual level, establishing a clear delegation of authority for operational integrity and control.

Easy to use

Our secure client portal streamlines custody wallet management, facilitates access to valuable data and insights, and offers a diverse range of powerful tools for you and your team.


The UAE's forward-thinking stance offer investors both regulatory clarity and effective mitigation of geopolitical risks. Storing your digital assets with Tungsten in the UAE ensures confidence and security in a dynamic market landscape.


Tungsten's relentless commitment to security harnesses best-in-class, next-generation hardware security modules (HSMs) adhering to the industry's highest standards for multi-signature approvals. Our custody wallets are securely offline (cold), significantly minimising exposure to potential hacks. Additionally, Tungsten implements rigorous physical access controls akin to bank-grade security protocols.


Tungsten’s Trust Office ensures precise client request execution and combats financial crimes using advanced monitoring tools. Our asset management strategy involves a robust segregation of duties among staff to reduce risks. We have disaster-proof backups in dual locations and maintain reserve capital, backed by our sovereign wealth owner, for financial stability. These measures provide clients with confidence in the secure management of their virtual assets.


Tungsten provides extensive insurance coverage for all customers, including a specie policy from Arch safeguarding vital backup materials like administrative devices and backups against physical damage, theft, and internal risks. Additionally, clients can enhance their coverage by up to USD 1 Billion.

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