Institutional Investors

Embrace Exposure, Minus the Risks

Regulated custody for institutional investors, delivering advanced security, sophisticated services, and seamless integration.

Investors require a fully regulated and secure custody partner. Manage assets with complete confidence and gain access to the tools you need to maximise returns while mitigating risk.

Asset Managers Fund Managers Sovereign Wealth Funds Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs)

Regulatory Confidence

The UAE's forward-thinking stance on digital assets and the ADGM's digital asset-friendly regulatory authority offer investors both regulatory clarity and effective mitigation of geopolitical risks. Storing your digital assets with Tungsten in the UAE ensures confidence and security in a dynamic market landscape.

Ultra Secure

In addition to leveraging best-in-class custody technology, our SOC2 and ISO 27001 certifications demonstrate our commitment to security. Our experienced compliance and operations professionals will manage your assets like a bank, following your firm's delegation of authority matrix.

Access to Liquidity

Tungsten integrates with partners to offer on- and off-ramping solutions with deep liquidity, ensuring a smooth experience as you access and manage your digital assets. Our platform provides access to cutting-edge institutional-grade solutions, enabling you to acquire digital assets at competitive prices.

Powerful Controls

Our governance controls and API capabilities guarantee ease of integration, operational uptime, and granular transaction control while providing workflows and audit trails for your internal compliance controls. We can provide a wide range of reports tailored to your needs.

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